This is my Prediction for 2025:

Binance will become the Western world’s missing super app. The WeChat of Europe: not only buying cryptos, but soon also stocks and ETFs. Booking hotels is already possible today, renting cars will surely follow soon. Payment by crypto included.

Hairdressers, restaurants and payment for charging stations for electric cars will follow. Want to bet?

My thoughts behind this prediction:

  1. Binance is making inroads into new eco-systems. Initially, it was only cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  2. Then came Staking (far earlier than others): Flexible Staking and Locked Staking.
  3. Then liquid swaps (analogous to UniSwap, but centralized).
  4. Then…

Most guys of the crypto community are betting on higher prices without any knowledge about what this really means for the networks under the hood.

As an Ethereum-developer, my profit is the bigger as the lower Gas fees are because I have to spent less money in order to deploy my smart contracts on Chain and in order to interact with them.

As a “real customer” of Ethereum (which means here “Ethereum as a platform, as an operating resource”) we need modest Gas fees in order to be profitable. …

Although QuasarFramework solves many problems around web development, I missed some things that I had all the time bevor.

One important thing are ENV-files to pass environment variables into your application depending on the final environment like “Development”, “Staging”, “Testing” or “Production”.

But nobody will told you about how to make it work with Quasar, even not the official documentation. It took me some more readings across GitHub, StackOverflow, several other Blogs and so on to collect all the required pieces that will necessary in order to make it finally work.

Long story short, this is how it goes with…

As a Backend- and native-app-developer I spent 10 days recently with “modern” Web-Application development (JavaScript, VueJS, Babel, WebPack… you name it). This is what I have learned so far:

1. everything is deprecated. Not a single “npm install” works without flooding your screen with deprecated / outdated / “this library is not longer supported”-messages

2. everything is magic. Logic gets injected by somehow hidden stuff and you never now what is going on under the hood. Magic things can also break very quickly.

3. anyone may and can create their own javascript dialect using the “transpilation” brought by Babel, and…

This tutorial is about how to build a REST-API in Go with auto generated Swagger-Docs and Hot Reload. Hot Reload does not only mean to just hot reload our Go Application including re-build and re-start, but also to re-create all Swagger docs in the foreground.

I assume that you already are familiar with building a REST API with Go in general to not repeat many fantastic posts here on Medium about this topic.

But it is worth mentioning that our current setup, especially the Swagger part, is built on this fantastic library …

Als Digitalisierungsbeauftragter der Familie krieg ich ja mit, woran die Leute immer so scheitern: Passwörter.

Und was mich mega ärgert, je älter wir alle so werden, um so schlimmer wird es. Nicht etwa wegen der Köpfe, denn die lernen ja da zu. Sondern wegen der ganzen Software-Hersteller, die einfach mega am Markt vorbei operieren und Dinge immer komplizierter und kaputter machen!

Jetzt ist mir endlich mal DAS selbst passiert, was wohl unseren Eltern ständig passiert und endlich weiß ich, es liegt nicht an ihnen:

1. Onlineshop besucht, Dinge bestellt

2. Bezahlvorgang eingeleitet

3. Entscheide mich ausnahmsweise mal für Paypal, weil…

Although I’ve already spent plenty of days, weeks and even months with GoLang building several REST-API’s, a Web-Application and various Libraries, today was the first time I had to fork a package and use this fork immediately instead of waiting for getting a Pull Request merged and released.

If you are at the same level of knowledge like me as a Go developer, this post will probably save you tons of hours!

Since I am familiar very well with dependency management for 2 decades across a bunch of languages and frameworks like CocoaPods, Composer, NPM, Yarn, NuGet and recently with…

Within a Flutter app, I just tried to create a POST request to an REST API backend that requires HTTP Basic Auth using this piece of code that I have found on Stackoverflow due to lack of documentation.

String username = 'test';
String password = '123£';
String basicAuth =
'Basic ' + base64Encode(utf8.encode('$username:$password'));

Response r = await get('',
headers: {'authorization': basicAuth});

Since my abstraction required a header that was prebuilt somewhere else, I created it this way:

Map headers = {
'content-type': 'application/json',
'accept': 'application/json',
'authorization': basicAuth

However, somewhere within the POST request the following exception…

Lazy Sunday. I was looking at my AppleWatch and was curious, how to make it displaying Crypto prices like BTC and ETH. There are already apps for that. But I wanted to build my own.

All in all it was not the best experience. XCode is simply too buggy for that right now!

My setup was:

  • Macbook Pro 17 inch
  • XCode 10.2 (I tried all versions from 9.4 over 10.0, 10.1 until 10.02
  • iPhoneX with iOS 12.1
  • AppleWatch Series 4 with WatchKit OS 5.1

Building an App for the Watch was dead easy. But the challenge began when I started…

The power of security token:

- issue securities without syndicate banks which reduces high costs of a IPO

- voting-rights of shareholders are happening via smart contracts and can be submitted at any time. Just a web browser is required.

- joining of General Meetings is not necessary anymore -> save time and travel costs for shareholders and even the company as well

- paying dividends is based on code. Full digitalisation of the whole process without the need of any banks or market makers in the middle

- high liquidity towards open permission less blockchain technology behind the scenes

Hagen Hübel

Ethereum advocate * Full Stack Developer * CEO @ & CTO & Co-Founder @

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